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Ear Care in Honolulu

Don't live another day with ear problems. Dr. Roland Tam MD has the experience and skills to give you relief. Our practice has treated Oahu and the surrounding area for over 30 years, providing care for hearing impairments, ear infections, problems that cause dizziness, and pain associated with the ear. We provide non-invasive care, surgery, and even treat ear conditions inherited at birth. 

Help For Your Nose 

Nose problems can affect everything from your breathing to your sense of smell. Don't suffer any longer. Dr. Tam provides treatment for everything from allergy issues to issues with breathing. We even treat nose issues that cause sleep deprivation. Do you have an issue with the nose that changes your appearance? We'll treat that as well. We have experience treating every nose issue imaginable. 

A Clear Throat

Your voice is who you are, which is why at Dr. Tam Roland MD, we take issues of the throat seriously. Throat problems can ruin your ability to speak, eat, swallow, sing, and digest properly. These issues can seriously affect your quality of life. Don't deal with throat ailments longer than necessary. Contact us at 808-531-7021 to make an appointment today. 
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