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Problems with the ear, throat and nose can be annoying and painful. Don't let these problems leave you down and out - visit Dr. Roland Tam MD in Honolulu, HI and get fixed up quickly. Dr. Tam has treated residents of Honolulu since 1980. He has practiced otorhinolaryngology (the care of the nose, throat, and ears) at the Hawaii Medical Center East and in private practice. Let the expert with experience give you the care you need. 
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The Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist

There are many ways to treat issues of the ears, nose, and throat, so you want someone experienced in the modern techniques that provide quick and pain free relief. Dr. Roland Tam MD is a specialist in gentle earwax removal, treating allergic rhinitis, nasal obstructions, breathing problems due to sleep disorders, dizziness, and performing ear surgery, and tonsillectomy. Trust Dr. Tam for all of you surgical and non-invasive treatment options. 

You Are Our Priority

With over thirty years of experience in Hawaii, Dr. Roland Tam MD has come to know and care for his patients. That's why he and his staff take extra care to provide stunning customer service for every visitor to the practice. We consider ourselves a part of the greater community. We also take our credentials seriously as a service to you. That's why we're National Board Certified, Hawaii Certified, and are a proud member of the American Board of Otolaryngology. Contact us today to make an appointment. 
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